“Wooden windows are a great unknown in quality and sustainability``

ASOMA, the national association of wood window manufacturers, will participate in this edition of Veteco to give visibility to the properties of wood windows and advances made in terms of manufacturing them.

Choosing wooden windows is a wise decision, there are many things to consider and a lot of disinformation that Asoma will try to clarify at the far. When choosing material for a window, it is essential to match it to the needs you have.

Wooden windows are the best investment if you want long-term windows. Their technical characteristics and the material itself give a unique look and feel. What’s more, wood is the only material that makes windows truly ecological, natural and sustainable, with very low thermal conductivity, high resistance, very good behaviour against fire and long natural durability that, with adequate maintenance, guarantees a long life, always looking like they did on the first day.


After a limited presence of wood windows in previous editions of Veteco, this year ASOMA will have a stand where its members will demonstrate the advances in quality, manufacture and design in wooden windows. Its members will also present the advances in the manufacturing of wood profiles and their performance in the manufacture of elements such as curtain walls.


Wooden windows are a great unknown, their image is still associated with the windows of decades ago and it is necessary to show society, opinion leaders and anyone interested that we now manufacture wooden windows that perfectly meet the highest standards of quality, insulation and design.


With all of the concern we are seeing for the environment, we must also remember that wooden windows are made with the only natural material that nature gives us and that is obtained from managing mountains. This sustainable management of the forests means they are not abandoned and reduces the risk of pests and fires. In addition to this, wood is the only material which stores carbon through photosynthesis, therefore, wood is the only material that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change since it stores carbon throughout its lifetime.


Maintenance of wooden windows is another concept that is misunderstood; maintenance is an advantage because it allows wood to last generations, other materials do not undergo maintenance and this means that after a few years they have to be replaced, which means greater investment and cost.


ASOMA will be at the fair to explain all of this in more detail. It will also present the “prize for the best wooden enclosure” which dozens of architects studios have applied to and whose projects will be presented to the public.