SAULEDA presents the Tandem collection of fabrics for sun protection and outdoor upholstery

SAULEDA is a creative and innovative company which manufactures technical fabrics for solar protection and outdoor upholstery. It offers a wide range of colour palettes with the latest trends and premium quality 100% acrylic mass-dyed fabrics, which guarantee durability, colour resistance and up to 10 years’ warranty.

Tandem is Sauleda’s proposal for shade and upholstery with a vintage touch, which at the same time retains an elegant, minimalist and totally modern style.
Tandem is the perfect fusion between design and innovation. It is a 100% acrylic fabric which is mass-dyed to ensure its quality and durability. Tandem designs reflect attitude and flexibility. Their classical style but rebellious texture achieves the perfect balance. These are fabrics with a deep textile feel. The feel of the awning fabric is very close to upholstery. A warm and pleasant touch above all.

The colours of Tandem have been carefully selected, with both plain colours and stripes, to convey an elegant, vintage atmosphere which users love. In plain fabrics, we can highlight the subtlety of Tandem lavender (8447/1203), the strength of Tandem garnet (8451/1205) and the elegance of Tandem ivory (8441, 1211).

All the colours of the Tandem line can be found both in the masacril® awning fabric and in the agora® exterior upholstery fabric, both by SAULEDA.

SAULEDA is a firm that stands out for its premium fabrics, which are technically impeccable. The characteristics of these fabrics are:

  •  The excellent mechanical behaviour of the Masacril® fabric, provided by the intrinsic characteristics of the raw material and the know-how involved in processing it, from the beginning to the end result.
  • Fabrics that exceed the demanding requirements in terms of sun protection and outdoor use.
  • The superior light and weather resistance of the pigments chosen to colour the fibre.
  • Minimal degradation of Masacril® textiles, much lower than other products on the market.
  • Fabrics designed to give excellent fungicidal properties.
  • A certain degree of breathability that provides thermal comfort, unlike other plastic fabrics.
  • Designed to provide a high degree of protection against UV-B rays.
  • Quality of the raw material. Sauleda are traditional weavers with the latest technological innovations.