Persycom introduces their adjustable blinds at Veteco

This small company began over 25 years ago manufacturing roller blinds. Currently, it is the leader of outside solar protection systems with five models of adjustable blinds.

Persycom is still investing in innovation in the adjustable blinds sector. At VETECO, the fair that takes place every two years in Madrid, Persycom will introduce its two new external Venetian blinds, C-80 Blackout and Z-90 Blackout, to architects and professionals from the building industry. These two models are expected to be included in both woodwork, creating a mono bloc, as well as externally being completely separate from the enclosure.

The external Venetian blind mentioned in the two new models improves the buildings’ energy efficiency to the extent that they can be classified with a higher energy category. It is the ideal solution for terraces, penthouses, balconies, etc., due to its modern, elegant style which fits perfectly with current architectural trends and makes this product a design element and just a simple solution for protecting the property from the sun.

In agreement with the previously mentioned features, the new Blackout external Venetian blind stands out due to its efficiency for solar control and protection, allowing for façades to be bright and dynamic. The manufacturing materials used are high quality and resistant to demanding weather conditions.

The current design features clean, key lines which, combined with a wide range of finishes, boosts the building’s appearance and enhances the external design.

This type of adjustable blind is chosen by clients who are looking for something attractive, yet luxurious, for their rooms, be they in the office or at home.