• Legal Notice


    With respect to numerous complaints received by IFEMA from exhibitors relative to the “Fair Guide” data base belonging to the company CONSTRUCT DATA, whose registered address was previously in Austria as CONSTRUCT DATA VERLAG and currently appears to be in Slovakia as CONSTRUCT DATA PUBLISHERS, IFEMAwishes to inform all its clients and exhibitors that it has NO link whatsoever with this company or its publication entitled FAIR GUIDE or EXPOGUIDE.

    CONSTRUCT DATA commercialises exclusively by its own means the advertising placements of companies exhibiting at trade fairs organised not only by IFEMA, but also by other national and international organisers on the www.fairguide.com portal created by this company for this purpose.

    IFEMA has been able to verify that the forms sent to exhibitors by CONSTRUCT DATA include the name of the trade fair the exhibitor is taking part in or has recently taken part in and, for this reason, exhibitors often associate this service with their fair and fair organiser.

    In accordance with the above, and given the ambiguous nature of the information that can be inferred from the abovementioned form, exhibitors often believe that it is a form sent by their fair organiser intended exclusively for amending or updating their participation details in the trade fair so that they are shown correctly in the guide free of charge.

    It is true that the company the exhibitor is entering into contract with (CONSTRUCT DATA) and the cost of the service, the jurisdiction and its system of tacit extensions appear at the bottom of the form, in small print.

    IFEMA has already asked this company to cease to use IFEMA’s trade fairs in an ambiguous manner, given the confusion that this form generates in exhibitors, as have other fair organisers, and the UFI itself has posted a caution on its web page:


    Given that this company is still operating, now with its registered address in Slovakia, and, in order to prevent undesirable situations which IFEMA can do nothing about, we would kindly ask all exhibitors who receive a “Fair Guide” registration form to carefully read all its contents before signing it so that they are sure that they really do wish to contract the service offered.

    In the event that any exhibitors have signed the form without realising the nature of the service they were effectively contracting, a few years ago CONSTRUCT DATA VERLAG made a Statement of Intent with the Antitrust Authorities of Austria (Schutzverband gegen unlauteren Wettbewerb), whereby it undertook to refrain from insisting in any payment claims relative to companies, persons and other establishments that may have filled out and/or signed the form sent in the belief that it was a free publication.


    Nevertheless, so that any exhibitors who may have mistakenly signed can avail themselves of this undertaking, they must notify this company of this fact and their waiver.  We highly recommend that they notify not only the contracting company but also, where appropriate, the one responsible for the management of payment collection (formerly PREMIUM RECOVERY).