Interview to Raúl Calleja, the Director of ePower&Building

ePower&Building will be, from 13th to 16th November 2018, once again the meeting point for building professionals from our country. The exhibition welcomes VETECO, the referential commercial event in the south of Spain for the Windows, Façades and Solar Protection industry. Rául Calleja, Director at ePower&Building explains what novelties the event will exhibit in its next edition.

VETECO 2018 faces a new edition within the ePower&Building framework. How is this meeting planned and what does it aim for?

VETECO is taking place under the ePower&Building umbrella, along with the CONSTRUTEC, BIMEXPO, the new ARCHISTONE (the old PIEDRA Fair), MATELEC and MATELEC LIGHTING  Fairs,making it the biggest event in the south of Europe that offers the latest solutions for the whole building life cycle. It also coincides with the second edition of MATELEC INDUSTRY on the same dates.

The aim of VETECO, along with the rest of the fairs that involve ePower&Building, the slogan of which this edition is “Transforming the way we build a green world”, is that of securing the international profile at the meeting and responding to all the building process, from project design to construction, maintenance and liveability, and refurbishment and restoration. Sustainability, innovation and technology will be the axis upon which VETECO 2018 will turn.

What figures are dealt with in light of VETECO 2018: the number of halls, exhibitors, growth in comparison with the previous edition?

The next edition of VETECO is creating high expectation in the sector, so we have very high hopes. Within ePower&Building, where we hope to bring together 1700 companies from 100 countries and 80000 professional visitors, at VETECO 2018, we forecast the arrival of 400 exhibiting companies, which would represent a 30% increase in comparison with 2016, which would make their offer public in halls 9 and 10 at the Feria de Madrid.

What is new at VETECO in 2018?

One of the main novelties in the next meeting, in line with the growing specialisation of the Fair, is the creation of VETECO GLASS, which joins VETECO SOLAR, which came to light in 2016, and rounds off the Fair’s offer.

One of the new initiatives of this edition is VETECO GLASS, following the channelling route of the offer initiated in 2016 with VETECO SOLAR. How is this meeting going to be put together and what has been the response from the glass sector?

VETECO GLASS, will have its own identity within the general context of the Fair, as will VETECO SOLAR. From the new sector, we want to respond to the specific needs of the glass industry, which includes the glass manufacturers, transforming companies, suppliers of the window manufacturers, cladders, glaziers…; manufacturers and distributors of equipment (machinery, tools, fixings and accessories, sealants, micro profiles…). In this sense, I want to highlight the huge welcome that this initiative is being given within the sector.

What expectations are there for VETECO SOLAR on the other hand?

With VETECO SOLAR we are going to reconfigure the commercial stage better for the blinds, awnings, fabric, automations, bioclimatic pergolas and structural solar control firms. The good results recorded in 2016 and the excellent response that we are having regarding the next edition make us feel optimistic. This sector aimed at which materials to use and architecture, building and refurbishment companies: as well as professionals, manufacturers, workshops and awning installers, the best and newest solutions within its scope.

VETECO SOLAR will also welcome a new edition of the Spanish Congress for Solar Protection and Management again, where experts will help to deal with the most current of issues for this segment.

What programme of parallel activities will accompany VETECO?

One of the specific points of the VETECO programme, which is shared with the other ePower&Building events, is once more “ARQUITECTURA con EÑE”, a point for meeting, business and for spreading trends and knowledge on architectural, engineering, building, promoting, SOCIMIs studies…

In this context, the 2nd “Arquitectura con Eñe” Awards will be organised, amongst which are the prestigious VETECO-ASEFAVE awards for different housing categories.

What message do you want to give to the sector professionals interested in coming to VETECO as visitors?

For the sector professionals, VETECO is an essential day out to get up-to-date on the latest changes for windows, façades, solar protection and glass.