Interview with Pablo Martín, director of ASEFAVE

ASEFAVE, the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Light Façades and Windows, has been one of the main players at VETECO since its first edition in 1990. Pablo Martín, its director, explains what activities the association is developing and what challenges the sector will face in the future.


VETECO is once again the meeting point of the sector in 2018 and ASEFAVE will be there again as the event’s top promoter. What are the association’s expectations for the 2018 edition of VETECO?


After several editions marked by low activity in the sector, it is expected that the more optimistic climate will be confirmed this time, with a greater number of companies present, a greater number of visitors and more innovations.


What activities does ASEFAVE carry out?


Throughout its more than 40-year history, ASEFAVE has aimed to become the industry’s leader for authorities, technicians and users.

Our activities include training work such as giving technical seminars to sector companies and professional groups and writing informative technical manuals. It is therefore a knowledge platform.


Why is it important for a sector company to belong to an association such as ASEFAVE?


Belonging to ASEFAVE means keeping up to date with all relevant industry news and activities, having access to quality technical and regulatory advice, participating in various forums and expanding your network of professional contacts, and having access to help when dealing with international markets.


What situation is the Spanish window and glass cladding industry in, and what challenges are you facing?


Currently, the level of activity has picked up compared to previous years, although it is far from the spectacular levels we saw a decade ago.

The sector offers high performance products that meet the highest Spanish regulatory requirements. The challenge is to raise the quality level in the installation of these products to meet the expectations of authorities, technicians and users.


We are on the verge of the entry into force of EU directive 31/2010 on building energy performance. How important is this legislative framework for the future of the window sector?


The expectation is great, but as mentioned, the products that need to comply with the new legislative framework have been on the market for quite some time. The most important thing is to see how far these new requirements are implemented and fulfilled.


Window installation is fundamental to achieving good energy efficiency. ASEFAVE has launched an initiative in collaboration with the Construction Labour Foundation for this purpose. What is this initiative?

Firstly, the Foundation is working to train instructors to teach professionals the most efficient techniques for installing windows to UNE 85219: 2016 standard.

Once we have the instructors, a collaboration framework will be established to develop a training program for carpentry installers at national level.


What activities will ASEFAVE carry out at the upcoming edition of VETECO?


Within the framework of international relations, ASEFAVE is organising a meeting of the Ibero-American Cladding Forum, with the participation of our colleagues from Portugal, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay and Chile.

Window installation training workshops will be held and there will be a session on tax and refurbishment, with the tax benefits document prepared by ASEFAVE as a guiding thread.