• Reasons to choose a frameless glazing system

    It is common to find home and business areas that because of their location do not end up taking full advantage, or that time only allows to use them during a certain time of the year. In order to resolve this situation, in recent years a new type of product has proliferated: frameless glazing systems.
  • New Mermet fabric

    SCREEN PROGRESS - The Screen fabric with progressive openness factor
  • Quai 9 cultural center in Lanester, France - how we did it

    Designing Quai 9’s outer shell presented several challenges regarding the durability of the façade. Its close proximity to saltwater (less than 1km), the multitude of perforations on its 2000 panels and last but not least its large number of panels that are of horizontal instead of vertical orientation, thus being subject to relatively higher amounts of rain and UV radiation compared to vertical panels, all presented a unique problem to be solved.
  • Quai 9 cultural center in Lanester, France

    A city landmark of strong architectural character, Quai 9 is the new cultural center of the municipality of Lanester, a city with a long history of maritime tradition situated at the heart of Lorient, France. Close collaboration with AXIMA CONCEPT and subsequent technical audits during construction by Elval Colour engineers verified that fabrication and installation of the façade was done according to specification, what finally ensures its aesthetic and structural integrity for many years to come.

    Elval Color participa en el Zak World of Façades United Kingdom , que tendrá lugar en Hilton on Park Lane en Londres el 2 de octubre.

    Zak World of Façades es una serie de conferencias internacionales sobre el tema de diseño e ingeniería de fachadas. Presentaciones de profesionales del sector y consulta con expertos en el sector, arquitectos, consultores de fachadas, expertos en normativa fuego, ingenieros de fachadas, estructuristas, los cuales presentan y debaten sobre diversas tendencias y desafíos del sector con un enfoque abierto para asesorar y compartir sus conocimientos.
  • Advantages of glass balustrades

    Glass railings are protection systems that, in addition to be a safety barrier, are a decorative element to be considered for their features and design.