The iSlide#neo from DECEUNINCK, the most insulating PVC solution in sliding windows

The new iSlide#neo sliding system from DECEUNINCK is the result of the brand’s constant search for innovation. It continuously works on the development of new techniques that increase the thermal insulation of doors and windows. iSlide#neo is positioned as one of the most efficient sliding systems on the market and is 100% recyclable, greatly exceeding the energy efficiency requirements established in the RT2012 standard, while also complying with the stringent environmental criteria self-imposed by the brand.

iSlide#neo has a high level of performance thanks to ThermoFibra, an exclusive solution from DECEUNINCK which combines PVC and continuous fibreglass, giving it the highest insulation capacity in the sector.
In efficiency, iSlide#neo presents a thermal coefficient of Uw=1.2 W/m²·K, reaching unique levels of thermal transmittance, which surpass any other sliding or even traditional system. These characteristics guarantee well-being in the home, independently of external weather conditions.

In addition, its small central section (only 35 mm) allows the space to be filled with light from the sun, thus taking advantage of its energy in the cooler months of the year. With an option of 24 or 28 mm glazing, iSlide#neo gives acoustic insulation of between 28 and 33 dB depending on the glazing used. Likewise, it has a reinforced air permeability, certified as Class 4, the maximum classification on the market.
What’s more, iSlide#neo integrates the durability and insulation qualities of the composite with a slim and elegant design.

The latest PVC collection from Deceuninck has a wide range, with a wide variety of sizes, finishes and colours. With regard to measurements, its ThermoFibre design and the fineness of its profiles allow for sizes from XS to XL.

Moreover, iSlide#neo is available in three levels of finish (mass-pigmented, foliate and lacquered decoroc), each with their own characteristics and features. The mass-pigmented finish, available in three different colours, comes in a range of sober and timeless tones which are smooth to the touch. With a range of 30 colours, the foliate finish coats the profiles with an acrylic film resistant to ultraviolet rays, with an appearance of natural or painted wood that only needs soap and water to keep in perfect condition. Deceuninck patents an exclusive coating process, Decoroc, that gives profiles a satiny appearance and a grainy texture. This finish is very resistant to scratches and offers high colour stability.

In total, there are 40 colour options with long-lasting coatings. All available options are tested with ultraviolet rays to offer a five-year guarantee and all technical advantages.