Castilla - La Mancha presents its Window Replacement Plan

On June 12, Order 86/2018 of May 17 of the Ministry of Economy, Business and Employment was published in the Official Gazette of Castilla – La Mancha, which establishes the regulatory bases for grants to individuals for the replacement of windows. The announcement of the grants will be published in a few weeks, with information on the funding and the deadlines for submitting applications.

The grants regulated in the published Order include Programme 1, aimed at individuals, which involves replacing windows with more energy efficient ones. Applicants must be registered as living in the home in which the eligible action is to be carried out, at least on the date the grants were announced.


The following are considered eligible actions:

  1. a) The replacement of entire windows (frame and glazing).
  2. b) The installation of double windows, defined as cases in which there is already a window, that is not modified, and a new exterior window (frame and glazing) is added.
  3. c) The replacement of glazing only.


The cost of new windows or glazing, as well as the cost of its installation (labour), including VAT, will be considered an eligible cost.


The following will not be considered as eligible costs:

  1. a) Mosquito nets and shutters, which may accompany the windows installed.
  2. b) Glazed enclosures of balconies or similar when installed for the first time and not replacing an existing one.


The amount of individual aid for each type of eligible action will be as follows: €110/m² for replacement of entire windows (glass and frames) and installation of double windows (glass and frames) and €24/m² for the replacement of glass only; with the limit, in any case, of 35% of the cost of the subsidised activity, and a maximum of 3,000 euros per beneficiary and per home.


Applications will be submitted:

  1. Preferably telematically with electronic signature, through the form included in the electronic headquarters of the Administration of the Council of Castilla – La Mancha or through the virtual office website. When submitted in this way, the original documents must be digitised and submitted together with the application as attachments.
  2. In any of the registers and by the means indicated in art. 16.4 of Law 39/2015, of 1 October.