IFEMA renews its “Against Copy” service to protect the intellectual, industrial, and brand property of the exhibitors and professionals at ePower&Building 2018

IFEMA once again has its “Against Copy” service at the CONSTRUTEC, ARCHISTONE, VETECO, BIMEXPO, MATELEC, and MATELEC LIGHTING fairs held under the umbrella organisation of ePower&Building 2018 to ensure the industrial, intellectual, and brand property rights of exhibitor companies and professional visitors and offer service to patents and information on the new data protection law.

The prestigious firm PONS IP will be once again in charge of this task, an investment in quality by offering a legal service to defend and act against companies that copy.


With “Against Copy”, the venues aim for the products and services on display to comply with the regulations in force. To make sure they do, a specialised legal team will be on hand while the fair is going on to assist exhibitors in recording complaints and filing lawsuits against companies that infringe upon industrial, intellectual, or brand property rights.


A space will be available so participants, who would like to, can provide samples of copied boxes or products to call the professional sector’s attention and display them.


From the view of the fair as a global service for the industry, the competitions will safeguard compliance with the corresponding regulations and authorisations, ensuring that the products on display meet all the legal and quality requirements. A stand could be closed if the products on display have a court ruling in force which required them to be taken off the market. This service, which has the guarantee of success from other fairs organised by IFEMA, is a guarantee value added in case of possible conflicts between exhibiting companies and with the rest of the participants.

The ePower&Building Director, Raúl Calleja, put it this way: “Against Copy” is “a value-added service that IFEMA offers the industry and the exhibitors at the fair that will be one of the major events in the industry in the south of Europe, bringing together more than 1,600 participating companies and more than 80,000 visiting professionals from 100 countries around the world”.


Rocio Peris, PONS IP’s Commercial Director for Spain, points out that “to ensure the exhibitor’s peace of mind, we have to have professional consulting on sensitive topics like industrial property and data protection. A lot of questions remain about how the new General Data Protection Regulation is implemented. We have to know how to act in the case of possible infringement in terms of intangible asset protection (patents, utility models, industrial models and brands) to make sure we don’t have any unpleasant surprises. We recommend thoroughly planning your protection strategy covering all the affected territorial markets”.