A-OK TUBULAR MOTORS presents its Orvibo bidirectional Smart Home System

A-OK TUBULAR MOTORS will be at VETECO SOLAR with its Orvibo bidirectional Smart Home control system, which allows you to control your home from any corner of the world.

All you need is an internet connection and an application to operate all automated elements in the home such as blinds, awnings and curtain motors, lighting, sensors and cameras. In addition, its Smart Home system is compatible with voice assistants Google Home and Amazon Alexa.


A-OK TUBULAR MOTORS offers users its Smart Home control system. It has WiFi connection and radio communication through an app from the user’s tablet or smartphone, from where they can control locally (WiFi) or remotely (data) all the smart systems of their home. The main advantage of the A-OK by Orvibo Smart Home is that it simplifies all operations and makes life easier for its inhabitants.


The system can also be controlled by infra-red, meaning it is not necessary to acquire an external device to control, in addition to the home’s sun protection devices, televisions, air conditioning or music systems. It is easy to operate. The system establishes a wifi network with the home’s router in order to control it by means of intelligent wireless settings.


It allows scenario control, time control, central control and remote control, as well as adding or eliminating devices from the control terminals. It is compatible with Android and iOS (Apple) systems. With the Smart Home from A-OK TUBULAR MOTORS by Orvibo it is possible to create scenarios that are activated automatically on the scheduled days and at the scheduled times.


A-OK Smart Home by Orvibo is compatible with all A-OK TUBULAR MOTORS motors and radio receivers.